Update – 14th of July 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We continue to trust and rest in the sovereign grace of the Lord, who continually shows his goodness to us, even when the world around us is a dark place. We know it has been a hard time for many and harder times are still to come, and there are many among us who have struggled without the fellowship of the church. We as elders have decided then to reopen the church for the morning service on the 19th of July.

The virus is still out there and we as South Africans have not yet seen its peak, so by opening our doors we must take the utmost caution and seek to the best of our ability to heed the rules laid down by the government. That means that all who attend are required to wear a mask, we will not be allowed to admit anyone who does not comply with this. There will be sanitizer stations set up and the temperature of every person must also be taken. If a person registers a high temperature, even after a 5-10 minute cool-down period, they must return home immediately. We will be required to keep a register of the persons who attend and the service will be limited to 50 persons. Though we do not foresee the last to be a problem, if we do exceed the number of people unfortunately it does mean that we will not be allowed to admit any more.

Further restrictions that apply to our worship service are that we are not permitted to sing and because of social distancing regulations, we will not be able to make use of the mother and toddlers rooms and our Sunday school will also remain closed. We also will not be able to have coffee and tea served at church.

All are welcome to attend and it would be wonderful to see each other face to face again, but this is a still a time for caution. If you are in risk categories for the virus due to health factors or age, we do urge that you weigh carefully whether or not you should attend. Also anyone who is still uncomfortable going to public gatherings need not feel pressure to attend, this is a time to act in the safest manner possible for you and your family and those around you and we should respect one another during it. If you have flu symptoms or feel sick in any way, please stay at home and seek the appropriate medical attention. The service will be put online shortly after, so for those who would prefer to stay at home that option will continue to be available, albeit at a later time than usual.

For those who attend, please be aware of the rules and seek to uphold them to the best of your ability for your health and also the health of those in attendance. Avoid physical contact and heed the social distancing rule of 1,5 meters that has been put into place. These may seem strange to us, but we must act in the best of interest of one another.

Thank you brothers and sisters for your continual love shown to each other and those in need, it is always wonderful to see the Lord at work among us in this way. It is always a reminder to all of us, that whether we are together or apart that we can hold each other close in our hearts. Let us continue to minister to one another and to share the gospel in greater measure.

Grace and Peace to you always,

Chris Pienaar , on behalf of the elders of Secunda Baptist Church

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